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If you’re unhappy with the way your patio door works — from sliding to the lock — then it’s probably time to look at making patio door repairs. The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional to take care of some of the most common sliding door issues. From sliding to maintenance, here are some basic areas of sliding door repairs from the Fort Lauderdale-area experts at Smooth Sliders:

You can usually solve sliding door problems by replacing worn out roller track wheels, or simply adjusting and cleaning existing ones.

Clean the Track and Adjust the Track Wheels

Adjusting the position of the bottom track wheels, along with cleaning the track might be all you need to do for successful sliding door repair.

Remove the Door to Clean and Adjust Track Wheels

Dirt and grime clogging wheels is a leading cause of sticking sliding doors. If simple wheel adjustments don’t work, remove the sliding door to fully clean the wheels before adjusting. If you carefully remove the sliding door from its tracks, you will likely see worn, dirty or misaligned rollers.

Remove the Door and Replace Faulty Track Wheels

If after taking down the sliding door, the track wheels look worn-down or damaged, then they need to be replaced. Call us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Clearing the track

See that dirt and grime on your door’s track? That’s the first place to look when it comes to sliding door repairs. Remember, everything from mud to pet hair gets caught in there, resulting in an unpleasant grime that can make sliding difficult. It’s one of those DIY sliding door repairs that is simple as long as you’re willing to put in the elbow grease.

If the door tracks are damaged, you will need to replace the entire door system. Up-to-date ball bearing sliding door systems are affordable and available with Smooth Sliders.
A sliding door that sticks is frustrating and nonfunctional. Sliding door repair—or even a whole new system is a straightforward and affordable process for getting back on track.

Removing the door

One of the best ways to diagnose sliding door repair needs is to remove the door and examine it up close. The difficult part, of course, is removing the door. Unlike screen doors, the actual sliding door is very heavy. To remove the sliding door, access the roller adjusters at the bottom of the door and use the screw mechanism to retract the rollers. Once the rollers have given you space, angle it out of the track until the sliding door panel comes out easily.

Rusty rollers

This is one of the easiest sliding shower door repairs. If your rollers prevent gliding on the track, sometimes all you need is a quick shot of WD-40 to loosen up the hardware.

Frame and hardware problems

In some cases, your sliding glass door frame may be cracked or damaged. This could affect just about anything, from the setting of heavy glass to water leakage to the sliding mechanism. Fortunately, simple repairs can be done with replacement hardware and a little do-it-yourself elbow grease.

Important Note:

Of course, there are bigger issues that might require professional help. Cracked or broken glass is dangerous and needs an experienced person to address it. Warped frames and castings could be the symptoms of bigger damage and also directly affect your home’s architecture and require a specialist to address it. Here’s where common sense kicks in: if it seems dangerous or difficult, play it safe and get a quote from a professional.

Our tips can save you money!

Most sliding glass doors readily remove from the tracks—but take care. Use assistance if necessary since doors can be heavy and stick.

Challenge Us:

Sliding glass doors are heavy, but they should glide easily in their tracks with just a push of your hand. If you struggle with a door that gets stuck in its tracks or gets off track—getting it back on track can be easier than you think.

Sliding door repair can be a matter of a few simple adjustments, some basic maintenance and possibly replacing track wheels.

A problematic door could also be due to underlying structural problems with faulty framing or a rotting doorsill, which would require greater expertise. But if your sliding door is not too old, work on making the roller wheels more functional.

You can’t do it yourself?
If you cannot fix it, do not hesitate to call Smooth Sliders Sliding Door Repair anywhere in the South Florida Area. We’ll come right to your home, identify the problem and give you the best service you have experienced.

When To Call A Patio Door Repair Professional?
If you’ve taken a close look at your patio door and can’t figure out the problem, it might be time to call a sliding door repair professional. From door frames to weather stripping, they can handle sliding door repairs to get things sliding smoothly again. For South Florida residents, Smooth Sliders has provided sliding door repair wether it is patio door or closet door repairs in the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida area for over than ten years. Smooth Sliders provides fast and affordable on-site service. Contact Smooth Sliders Sliding Door Repair today for your free initial any kind of sliding door repair consultation.

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