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Are screens available with your doors?

Yes. Screens are available for the lift slide door systems, in wood or aluminum. Radius screen doors have additional bars to keep the screen in place.

Can I drill into my door to hang curtains, blinds, a wreath, or etc.?

Smooth Sliders does not recommend alterations to products such as drilling holes. This could allow water or moisture to disturb the product integrity.

Do you have gurantee for your products and labor?

Yes! All parts and labor of Smooth Sliders are under ninthy days guarantee.

How do I find pricing for Smooth Sliders services?

Simply fiil our contact form in the “Contact Page” of our website, or call us to (954) 818-9607 for estimate.

How wide is the pocket of a pocket door?

This measurement will vary depending on how many panels are in the system. Let our technician arrive to your home, see the conditions he has for installment, and he can calculate the pocket width for you.

What do you recommend I use to clean my window and patio door glass and are there any special instructions for doing so?

Smooth Slidersrecommends the simple and green solution of baby shampoo or vinegar and water for cleaning glass.

What parts are included with new door system?

Tracks, Panels, Jambs, Hardware, Door Handles, and touch up paint.

When will you be at my home since my first call?

If you called before 3:00pm, we’ll be at your home at the same day. If you called us after 3:00pm, we’ll be at your home in the day after.

Who will do the installation?

Our mobile team will do it for you. Our traqined team is specialize in installing sliding doors from scratch.

Will you help us with the design?

Absolutely, we’ll be happy to. We want you to be absolutely in love with your purchase from Smooth Sliders.

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